Dental Implant Procedure Details
By Inland Oral Surgery
June 09, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Knowing the process of dental procedures can help put any concerns that a patient might have to rest. That's why Dr. dental implantsGailey of Inland Oral Surgery in Spokane, WA, believe in providing all the details of oral surgery procedures to their patients. Here, they explain the process behind placing dental implants, which seamlessly replace missing teeth.

Post placement

The first step in getting a dental implant is the placement of the post. These tiny implements are made from lightweight metal and can be thought of the root in the dental implant's artificial tooth structure. Your oral surgeon prepares the area where the dental implant is to be placed, known as the host site, by making an incision in the gum tissue to allow access to the jawbone underneath. Once the implant is placed, a tiny cap fitted on top that will seal the host site before stitching the gum tissue back into place. You can expect to spend between one and two hours at Inland Oral Surgery for this part of the implant installation.

Abutment placement

The host site will heal within a week or so, but it will take a few months - usually between three and six - before the dental implant's post has fused with the jawbone and is ready for the next step. Your Spokane oral surgeon will make another incision in the gum tissue to expose the cap of the post, which is where the abutment will be attached. This is typically a minor procedure and may be combined with the next step: attachment of the crown.

Crown placement

Your implant's crown is the only visible portion, so it needs to look and feel natural. Your oral surgeon will use x-rays and other images to ensure that the crown of your implant fits into the space it will be occupying. A color chart will be used to make sure it matches with your natural teeth. A dental laboratory will carefully fabricate the crown to look completely realistic, except it will have an indentation on the underneath side where it will be cemented to the abutment.

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