You Don't Have to Live with a Gapped Smile
By Inland Oral Surgery
January 26, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Americans are very concerned about the appearance of their smiles. According to research by IBISWorld, cosmetic dentistry is a $3 dental implantsbillion per year industry. One cosmetic problem that some patients urgently want to fix is smile gaps caused by missing teeth. If you're insecure about the appearance of your teeth for this reason, know that you don't have to live forever with a gapped smile. Dental implants by Inland Oral Surgery in Spokane can fill in those gaps and give you a stronger, healthier and more attractive smile.

Living with a Gapped Smile
Smiling with confidence isn’t always easy when there’s a large gap. It can make taking photos and participating in basic social interactions a challenge. Having a large space in the teeth could also make a dental patient more vulnerable to oral health problems like gum disease. Food can get trapped in the space and promote the growth of bad bacteria. Also, when you have one or more missing teeth you may find it more difficult to pronounce certain words.

Close Gaps with Dental Implants in Spokane
Dental implants allow your Spokane dentist to replace missing teeth. The crown that’s placed on top of the dental implant can be shaped to perfectly fill in the space between the teeth. In the case of a row of missing teeth, a custom device called an “All on 4” can be created. It’s a denture that’s made with four dental implants that keep it anchored to your gumline.

Permanent Results
The best part of getting dental implants to closed a gapped smile is that the results are permanent. With dentures, the device can be removed and must be replaced at intervals. With dental implants, you don’t have to worry about taking the device out periodically to clean it or when you’re sleeping. Dental implants will last for decades if you prioritize good oral health habits.

Gapped Smile No More
See a dentist at Inland Oral Surgery to discuss how your gapped smile can be fixed with dental implants. Call the Spokane office at (509) 321-1404 today for an initial consultation.